Artist Studios



Two Fox Farm Drive

The studios at Two Fox Farm Drive consist of a Metal Shop for hot and cold work and a Book Arts Studio for printmaking and book construction. Both Cynthia and James will show new work and demonstrate techniques that they use in the creation of their work.

Cynthia MotiAn Mcguirl

I create and teach in my large studio that has areas for constructing handmade books, copper work and making marbled paper. You can see several small presses that I use for etching, lithography, letterpress and woodcut. I’ll demonstrate from what I’m working on at the moment. Art books, functional books, original prints, drawings and marbled paper will be for sale.



James Murdock

I am a multi-media artist with a focus on forged steel. I create both sculptural and functional pieces. Simple demonstrations will be provided in my evolving metal shop.




88 Maurice Ave  

Linden O'Ryan

Welcome to my home gallery studio. On display and sale will be watercolor paintings, watercolor cards with my writings, giclee artist prints, postcard books, and printed art cards and of course my work space. Please enjoy also the garden space. 

My art has always been practiced for health and the exploration of the creative process. The joy and meditation of this 20 year artist journey has shown me a way of connecting to others. 

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66 Hyler Street

Nancy Baker

This recently constructed studio complements the adjacent 19th century Victorian home. Many examples of my work in oil, charcoal, pastel and watercolor will be on view. Work that is currently underway will give a glimpse of my process and provide an opportunity to answer questions visitors may have. I'm grateful to live in this village, in the company of so many gifted artists.

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62 Water Street

Tim and Susan Van Campen, gallery

Visit both Tim and Susan at the waterfront studio and gallery space! Tim's geometric abstraction, hard edge paintings and prints will be on view. Archival works on paper, acrylic on canvas and prints on aluminum will be available for sale. Several of Susan’s watercolors including florals, landscapes, and nudes will also be available.

_Seriate-2 copyEV#3.jpeg



34 Dunn Street

In September 2014 Amy Williams and her husband Kevin Beers sold their apartment in Brooklyn NY and moved to Maine. Amy and Kevin initially met in Maine and spent summers painting together on Monhegan so this move was inevitable. Today they are both currently, happily, painting in the renovated barn attached to their beautiful old Greek Revival house in Thomaston.

Amy Williams

Amy loves to paint portraits of natural elements in the landscape as well as portraits of people and is particularly drawn to delicate or vulnerable subject matter. She also loves to crop paintings so that the attention is focused on something unexpected, for example a reflection of an object rather than the object itself or the shrub with the house as accessory instead of vice versa. However she paints anything and everything that visually excites her and is currently having a serious love affair with marshes and tidal areas along the coast of Maine. Painting brings Amy joy and she hopes those good vibrations are somehow transferred to the viewers of her work.

AmyWilliamsLobsterCovePool (1).jpg

Kevin Beers

I work both en plein air (on location) and in the studio. In good weather I love to work on location. I also love doing more involved work in my studio which is  a terrific space. It’s an old barn which was renovated and which is attached to the house. It is a commonly found Thomaston house designed by local architect Overlock.  My studio is filled with paintings done over the span of my career old and new work. 

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Marshall Point.jpg



54 Knox Street

Greta Van Campen

Come see the barn studio where I’ll have small hard edge studies, watercolor sketches, limited edition prints and some fun new items available for sale. 

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12 Gilchrest Street

Lorena Stackpole

Operating out of her Gilchrest Street bedroom, Lorena attempts abstract expressionism of a reckless free abandon informed by elements of Maine’s geographic features & topography.  Additionally, she creates playful, precisely composed mixed-media collages along with photo realist still-life paintings of convenience store foods including iconic American factory-brand desserts.

To complement all artwork, Lorena is also offering vintage stock of jewel-toned throws in combinations of mohair & South American cotton once designed and woven on Spanish looms at the present site of Thomaston Place Auctions.



15 Ross Avenue

Autumn Cipala

Autumn Cipala invites you to visit her porcelain studio on the outskirts of Thomaston village, just two miles from the center of town, during Thomaston Open Studios. On exhibit will be works in progress as well as finished pieces. Handmade works in will be on display and available for purchase.

Porcelain has long been Autumn’s preferred medium as she is drawn to its essential qualities of translucency, luminosity, and strength. She forms each piece by hand on a potter's wheel at her light filled Thomaston studio. Some pieces are unadorned while others are embellished with patterns that are drawn and carved freehand into the surface of the clay.

Autumn will exhibit her newest creations in porcelain, and share her inspirations, and techniques used to make, decorate, and fire these wheel thrown vessels.

All are invited to view the artwork, talk about creating it, and share a sweet or savory snack along your tour trail.

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